Tyler Jackson is a designer and illustrator from the Southside of Chicago, Illinois. His work overall is a culture of shared ideas. He dips into a lot of different mediums and practices, including fashion design, installation and fine art, nodding the nostalgia age, digital communications and the commodification of black bodies and culture for industry and cultural gain. Tyler Jackson works in a grey area between Low and High brow art making works that are accessible with the intent of looking to communicate to people of varying backgrounds and ages.


  • 18TH and Wood


  • Oxbow 2016 Artist residency
  • Scholastic arts and writing 2016 Chicago,Illinois
  • Scholastic arts and writing 2017 Chicago,Illinois
  • 2017 Chiarts Senior Showcase
  • “Session 01” 2017,Chicago,Il
  • “Session 02” 2017,Chicago,Il
  • “MPLS Creatives” Pimento Rum Bar,2018 Minneapolis,Mn
  • “Enter-change” by Obsidian Arts ,2018 Minneapolis,MN
  • “2nd Nature” New Rules,2018 Minneapolis,MN
  • “Trash-A-Whirl” Vine Arts Center,2018 Minneapolis,Mn
  • “Work in Progress”-Public Functionary, 2018 Minneapolis,MN
  • “World Peace” Vine Arts Center, 2018 Minneapolis MN
  • “No Ceilings” New Rules, 2018 Minneapolis, Mn