My name is Tyler Jackson and I am  a Printmker,designer and illustrator from the Southside of Chicago.I am Plike to blend both digital and Traditional printmaking mediums like Screen printing and Woodblock and traditional images colored in Adobe Illustrator.Overall my work is a culture of shared ideas- dipping in print communications and how we read iconsand deconstruc aesthetics icons of culture and color. I often nod at media i grew up on articulating my faboiute elements of a time that was nostalgic to me.age  My work uses a vibray palette of colors and either abstract or Cartoon style forms. I like to consider myself an out of the box thinker, I work in between Low and High brow art making works that are accessible to people of varying backgrounds and ages. I am very much so inspired by artist like Jasper Johns and Takashi Murakami blurring the line between the Kitsch and Fine art. I have done local murals and events in the Twin cities area working with brand Like NewRules and Urabn Outfitters. I not only work in fine art but also into fashion. Fashion is Another large part of my practice. I have been working on my clothing brand Fake Trap since 2017 as the head designer and manufacturer of  product. I not only hand cut a sew my own patterns and clothes but i produce and screenprint them as well. I have salesman experience running operations for my own brand which  demonstrates the  ability to formulate strategic advertising campaigns; combining grassroots marketing and social media to promote artistic services in the local community.